We all know that self care is a vital component of both mental and physical well being. Here’s how you can add elements to your self-care routine to focus on your sexual health!

Take the time for self guided exploration: By setting aside 15 minutes each week for self guided personal exploration, you will be able to become familiar with your own body, learn your own anatomy, and find your personal erogenous zones. Those 15 minutes can range anywhere from sensual to pure curiosity. Some examples include taking a hand held mirror and simply taking a look, or using your vibrator to orgasm in a new way.

Be mindful of your pelvic floor: Many don’t realize that you can carry a significant amount of stress within the muscles of your pelvic floor. Think about times when your jaw is clenched, you’re on a stressful work call, or you’re sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. During these instances of stress, check in with your pelvic floor and see whether the muscles are tightened, and if so, learn to start relaxing those muscles during these situations. The more cognizant you are to check in with your pelvic floor, the more you might realize how much tension you are carrying within these muscles. Over time, this muscle tension can lead to things like painful intercourse, constipation, and difficulty emptying your bladder.

Make sure all parts are in working order: I tell all my patients: the vagina, bowel, and bladder are deeply interconnected. In order to promote sexual health, your bowel and bladder should be healthy too. Focusing on preventing constipation, bloating, UTI’s, and incontinence can all play into your sexual well being. Some examples of ways to incorporate this into your self care routine include taking your daily supplements or performing a colon massage prior to bed. 

Prioritize your yearly well woman exam: Although it’s tough to remember when you’re not due for a pap smear, yearly well woman exams are important for STI screening as well as provide a great opportunity to talk to your gynecologist about your sexual health.

Please comment below on ways that you are incorporating sexual health self care into your daily routine!

With love,

Dr. Shweta Desai