Use Orange Blossom Water as a Makeup Remover and Skin Toner

Orange Blossom water is a fabulous skin toner and makeup remover. It cleanses the pores and helps to exfoliate old cells. Orange Blossom Water evens the skin by creating a balanced pH. It helps to add moisture to dry skin and reduce greasiness of oily skin.

Use Orange Blossom Water as a gentle Face Mist

It hydrates the skin and locks in the moisture. It will leave your skin refreshed and youthful. The Vitamin C of the Orange Blossom Water helps to restore collagen and firm sagging skin.

Use Orange Blossom Water as a Skin Brightener

It can help to lighten dark spots and uneven coloring from aging and sun exposure. It helps to balance the complexion and leave your skin radiant and bright.

Use Orange Blossom Water as Body Spray

It adds moisture and hydration to the skin. Orange Blossom makes a great after sun mist. Spray Orange Blossom Water on the body after your shower and follow with a moisturizer.

 Use Orange Blossom Water as a Scalp and Hair Spray

Spray Orange Blossom water on the hair and scalp after a shower. You can also mist your hair with the water to refresh the hair when it is dry. It's a greatmMist to use for refreshing your hair at the beach.