You might remember my article from earlier this year on how the upper left quadrant of your clitoris can be the key to your next orgasm, so I thought I would keep the series going!

Every woman is different in terms of what brings her to orgasm. Although the research is lacking in female sexual health and orgasms, there are 3 other pleasure zones that you may not know even existed:

  1. We are familiar with the clitoris, also known as the C-spot. The clitoris is not just the little pea-shaped spot above the urethra (pee hole). The clitoris internally extends on both sides of the vaginal opening toward the anus. It has 8,000 nerve endings, so it is a very sensitive area. 
  2. There is also the G-spot named after a German gynecologist Dr. Ernst Grafenburg who discovered an erotic area 2-3cm inside the upper wall of the vagina. It is believed that stimulation of the G-spot can indirectly stimulate the clitoris and vagina, leading to intense pleasure. 
  3. The A-spot is located just behind the G-spot and in front of the cervix. Then there is the PS-point which stands for the perineal sponge. This is located opposite of the G-spot between the vagina and anus. These areas can be stimulated with massage or reverse cowgirl position. 

There are no physical features to distinguish these areas, so finding these pleasure zones requires exploration and a lot of feedback from your partner or yourself. Don't feel like you are not normal if you don't have an orgasm. Simply finding out what feels good and satisfies you sexually is good enough.