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Q's From Lo
Q's From Lo
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Hey Love Club! Here's our own little group 🤠

I've posted a bunch of polls and would love to get your feedback and see what you're into as I plan for 2021! 

P.S. If there's anything else you want to share with me, go for it!

xx, Lo

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Products you NEED in 2021 - LMK!

TLC!!! I just posted a bunch of polls that I'd love your feedback on! Head to the 'Q's From Lo' group to find them.

Tell me what you're into so I can make all of your dreams come true with... (More)

Voted for Yes

Postpartum hair loss sucks!! I was so excited my hair was amazing during pregnancy and then I had my baby and lost clumps of hair. 

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Assistance with my order

I placed my order on 2/15/2022 and I have not received my order todate. What do I need to do. I can not find a telephone number to call and speak with a human being and it's not addressed in... (More)