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Women's HealthVaginal Health

What is the best everyday way to clean and maintain your vaginal health? I know they said scented soaps are bad to use down there.

Ovarian cysts while on placebo?

Is it ok that I’ve been getting cysts while on the sugar pill week? I had one pop with a small amount of bleeding yesterday.

I really don’t even know what I’m asking here. I just want to know is... (More)


I take daily love, good girl probiotic, perfect condition and have added healthy hair probiotics. I take all pills in the morning

Is it possible to have too many probiotics? I have noticed monthly irritation again since starting the healthy... (More)

Community Discussions


Good morning TLC!

I had a friend reach out to me this morning wondering if Love Wellness has any recommendations for supplements that can assist in libido? The meds she's currently on are "ruining her life" and is looking for... (More)