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Women's Health
Women's Health

Welcome to the Women's Health Topic! Feel free to discuss all things women's health related, here - from periods to hormones to bloating and beyond.

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could i be allergic to my boyfriends semen?

hi everyone! looking for all of the advice I can get i'm self diagnosing myself but i think i am allergic to my boyfriends semen. i've noticed this happening for a while now, we've been together for a little... (More)

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Dry AF

hey love club. wondering if anyone else experiences vaginal dryness??? i'm 30 and have been experiencing this for about 6 months now. nothing has changed in my diet or really at all in my day to day life. what is... (More)

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Women's Health


Hi there! I'm new to The Love Club, and I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions about shaving down there... I usually don't, and for a long time I was never self-conscious about it or thought it wasn't normal, until... (More)

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Director, Content Studio @ Love Wellness

Cough Remedies!?

Hi @Dr. Gabrielle Francis - I have a lingering cough from when I was sick 2 weeks ago that won't go away! I feel completely healthy but this cough sounds awful / is really annoying! Do you have any natural... (More)