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Wellness Diaries
Wellness Diaries

What is a Wellness Diary?

Wellness Diaries offers Love Club members an open and honest sneak peek into the lives, personal wellness journeys and routines of all kinds of women. Wellness Diaries include everything from morning routines and best kept beauty secrets to wellness challenges faced, self-care rituals, how women stay empowered, what products they swear by and more. 

With Wellness Diaries, we’re asking YOU to share in detail, what a day in the life for YOU looks like. It’s your time to shine, queen!

I want to submit a Wellness Diary! Now What?

Fill out this form here! The Love Club team will be posting content submitted but will never share your name or contact information. This information is only given to our team, who may reach out with questions. We post your age, location, occupation and diary entries but never your name or contact information (unless you want to request we publish your username with the post).

Tips for sharing the best Wellness Diary, ever!

We want to know it all! Whether it’s a morning routine, a secret beauty tip you swear by, inspirational quotes you have taped around your mirror, or a challenge that you continue to face and want to share with other women, it starts here. The more you share the better - let us see an image or video of your go-to smoothie, guilty pleasure, or how you stay zen.

More Info & FAQs:

Have more questions about Wellness Diaries? Reach out to us!

Community Discussions
Wellness Diaries

Wellness Diaries With a Music Loving Pisces

Name: Anna Kavanagh @Anna Kavanagh

Age: 37

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Head of Product Development

Tell us a little about you! I'm a creative cat, with big Pisces energy. I love music and feelings, lols and quiet. I like... (More)

Community Discussions
Wellness Diaries

Wellness Diaries With a Holistic Doctor and All Time Wellness Guru

Name: Gabrielle Francis @Dr. Gabrielle Francis

Age: 55

Location: New York, NY

Occupation: Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist

Tell us a little about you! I'm a Holistic Doctor and I try to practice what I preach. I believe that aging is... (More)

Community Discussions
Wellness Diaries

Wellness Diaries With the Ultimate Workout and Weekend Go-Getter

Name: Kelsey Miller @Kelsey Miller

Age: 30

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Content Studio Director

Tell us a little about you! I live in Brooklyn Heights with my boyfriend Ian and am the Director of the Love Wellness Content Studio!... (More)