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Sexual Health

A Gynecologist’s Guide to Sexual Self-Care

We all know that self care is a vital component of both mental and physical well being. Here’s how you can add elements to your self-care routine to focus on your sexual health!

Take the time for self guided exploration:... (More)

A Summer Schedule for Your Vagina

It’s Summer, which means you may have some much needed time off. Between vacations, spending time outside, visiting friends and family (just to name a few), your schedule may be packed with plans. In addition to your busy Summer plans,... (More)

An OBGYN's Top 5 Tips to Enhancing Your Sexual Health

When it comes to sexual health, making it a priority is key. From my experience, if I had to choose, here are the top 5 things you should be doing to enhance your sexual health:

Learn About Your Body

The... (More)

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Sexual Health
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Did you know semen can cause diarrhea?

I did not know this! I vaguely remember learning something about this in high school but for some reason I don’t remember this fact! I’m a virgin so I sometimes find myself learning up on sexual health to stay knowledgable... (More)