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Community Discussions

Finish or not?

So me and my hubby have sex all day however, it's only me that finishes. On the 3ird round my vaginal walls become dry to the point of discomfort. (We use coconut oil). Hubby cannot get hard/stay hard long enough... (More)

Sexual Health Do's and Don'ts for the Summer from an OB/GYN

Did you know it's National Sex Day? Check out my 3 tips for do's and don'ts for sex this summer:

  1. Summer sweat= vaginal moisture. When the weather becomes warmer outside, make sure you DO wear light cotton underwear that is... (More)

Painful Sex Series: Vaginal Valium

Women with painful intercourse are often diagnosed with a hypertonic pelvic floor, a condition in which you cannot relax the muscles of the pelvic floor, causing them to be perpetually spasmed. To relax this spasm, your doctor may prescribe vaginal... (More)

Community Discussions
SexBirth ControlLibido

Libido and Birth Control

Does anyone know how to combat the decrease the sexual drive lowering when you are on birth control? Any gentle libido pills on the market?