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How the Upper Left Quadrant of Your Clitoris Can Be the Key to Your Next Orgasm

The clitoris is just one of many erogenous zones on your body. It's the most sensitive area on your body because it has 8,000 nerve endings! We often think of the clitoris as the pea-sized structure that sits above the... (More)

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Hello!! I’m new to this and I love how everyone is comfortable telling their experience with everyone and it makes me feel like if I’m not alone :)

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SexWomen's Health

Tearing during Sex

Hello! I am going to try my best to explain this. Whenever I have sex with my boyfriend, the thin piece of skin at the bottom of the opening to the vagina always tears (the same place it would tear... (More)

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SexWomen's HealthMenopause

Early Menopause

Hi All!
Sooo I'm only 30 years old and I have been diagnosed with Primary Ovarian Failure. My GYN told me that I have also already gone through menopause and have vaginal atrophy. I would like to continue to be... (More)