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Welcome to The Love Club!


Welcome to the Sex Topic! Feel free to discuss all things sex here.

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Very Happy to be here!

Hi, I'm new to the love club, I love everything I'm reading and I feel like I'm going to learn new things every day.

Im honestly so happy I joined The Love Club. I am learning a whole lot and also feel like this is such a great resource!

New to this

So this is my first time on this. And honestly I'm so glad I explored more into the Love Wellness website to find these blogs etc. I'm excited to be apart of this. Keep rocking on (:

Community Discussions

Virgin on Wedding Night

I'm getting married on Saturday (yay!). I'm a virgin, my fiancé is not, but he understood my reasons for wanting to wait...and he put up with me for FIVE YEARS.

Honestly I'm freaking out! Like between an abstinence-only public school... (More)