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Pregnancy Journey
Pregnancy Journey

Supplements for Entering Pregnancy

Making sure you and your baby are getting nutrients is vital to your baby's development! As a urogynecologist who has just had her second baby, I'd love to share some of the most important nutrients to make sure you are... (More)

My Pregnancy Journey- Entering the Final Stretch

We’ve made it to 34 weeks! Now it’s time to soak up these last few weeks as a family of three and focus on getting things ready for baby boy. Since my daughter is only 14 months, we have most... (More)

My Pregnancy Journey Round 2: Late Second Trimetser

Time is flying by during my second pregnancy and I can’t believe that I am nearing the third trimester! Baby boy will be here before we know it.

This pregnancy has been so much harder in a lot of ways.... (More)

My Pregnancy Journey Round 2: Early Second Trimester

Baby boy and I are growing nicely! It is a surreal experience as a second time mom to realize that the space that was first home to my daughter, is now home to another growing being. Now that I’m in... (More)